Media Marketing

Recent Media provides in-sourced Media Marketing for businesses. We improve companies’ social media profiles by creating, posting, and sharing relevant content. Our social media campaigns are tailored to the companies we provide them for. We think that a companies’ social media should reflect the character of the company and its products, so as to attract views from the right audience.

For example the Facebook page we are running for Phos Education is very straight-laced, authoritative and to the point as it is the parent company of the group. Whereas the English-4-Business facebook page we run is more playful and interactive as it aims to engage the students in the English language and its culture as a whole (see our Portfolio).

We think enthusiasm for a product or service is key to representing it well on Social Media. We think that Social Media promotions should always (where possible) be eye-catching and visually appealing, as the world of social media is frequently orientated to visual sensations above other senses. It is often of benefit if the visual materials posted also follow the style or colour-scheme of the company’s existing website or logo. We think another key is interactivity and spreadability of Social Media, if it is worth sharing, it is worth talking about it, worth remembering. We also think its important to keep up with Social Media trends as these style and shape the content posted.

To find out what we can do for your business you could check out our our services page or go ahead and contact us.