Media Formats

Let’s talk about media formats. At the end of the day the formats we find in print media are the same as we find in Television or online media. Effectively we are consuming ideas in the same formats just by a different means of distribution.

You might read a newspaper or you might watch the news. You might read a novel, or watch a film. A series is just like a novel but prolonged by exhibiting its chapters individually. And then last but not least you have “the magazine”: an eclectic but appealing collection of all sorts of short pieces. A parallel in Television would be talk shows like Lorraine or the Ellen DeGeneres show. Like a magazine, these shows will have one section of something funny, a section of something tragic but melancholic, a section of this and a section of that, etc.

Most formats first shown in print media are replicated by Television or online media, so that the same appetite for different content is satisfied by new mediums, as it was by the old.