• The purpose of advertising

    What is the purpose of advertising? Obviously brands must advertise their products so people know about them and want to buy them, but what exactly

  • What do cookies do?

    Cookies follow your online activity and collect information about what you do1. What are cookies used for? By following your online activites cookies can report

  • Why do artworks/graphics require bleed?

    When you want to print a digital artwork, and send it to the printers, they will ask for “bleed”. This means that the colours of

  • The Festive Season

    The Festive Season means something different to everyone. To most people it’s a time to spend with your family, exchange gifts and enjoy nice foods.

  • Data Commodification

    A controversial topic. Internet users value free content but are often disturbed by the thought that the collection of data or the viewing of adverts

  • Interesting: High Speed Camera moving at High Speed

    This video is a really interesting technical piece. Footage made using a high speed camera in a high speed train results in this bizarre, surreal-looking,

  • Media Formats

    Let’s talk about media formats. At the end of the day the formats we find in print media are the same as we find in

  • Media

    What is media? Really… what IS media? Media is often defined as channels of communication. This may sound quite generalized but is an apt definition.

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